Coney Island Crossing

Coney Island Crossing _ Beach Hub

This project is a voluntary work for NYCHA in NY city planning in reponse to the repair and maintenance of NYCHA properties for better flooding resilience after Sandy. The design strategy is two folds: First, to redesign the park area in NYCHA into a better public space for both NYCHA residents and surrounding neighborhoods ; second, to incoporate flooding resilient strategies into the landscape design of the park, and the addition of boiler room buildings as part of the overall water treatment and drainage system for flood affected NYCHA buildings. The project questions the current NYCHA design “Towers in the park” and rethinks the function of park for NHCHA and the city. The current park in NYCHA is fenced off and only circulation space is left between two fenced parks. What if the fence is removed and park space is liberated to form different community spaces like market, shared farms, sport fields etc. for both the NHCHA residents and surrounding communities? And what if the park can be transformed into a water treatment landscape which filter water from the city and also improve drainage to aviud flooding?

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