Fence Off Cow/Man

Fence Off CowMan8Harmonious natural RANCH AND experiential HUSBANDRY LANDSCAPE
PROGRAM: Ranch, Visitor Center, Residential, Cowshed, Milking Room, Research Center
WITH: Personal

        Due to the transformation of modern animal husbandry, leading to the old ranch to be eliminated, but now the High economic efficiency modern ranch is considered as inhumane livestock patterns. The project challenge the farming methods and space which can use animal’s instinctive behavior pattern well. Because of the current situation of the United Kingdom of high labor costs, there are many abandoned pastures at the moment and at the same time of considering the animal’s instinctive behavior pattern, developing a less labor-operating system to run farming methods . After analyzing the difference between the old and the new farming, the project plans to use no fencing and apply HAHA and SHADOW in the space to build a harmonious relationship between the human and cow. The New Ranch typology aims to be more natural and comfortable for both the cow and the visitors.

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