(il)legal Accessory Dwelling Units

Academic / Fall semester / Policy Study / 07.2014 / Advisor: Kaja Kuhl / WITH: Noella Aoun, Ross Brady, Nans Voron, Qian Wang
ADUS May be built within a primary residence or detached from the primary residence

“An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, self-contained residential unit built on the same lot as an existing single family home. ADUs may be built within a primary residence (e.g., basement unit) or detached from the primary residence.” ADUs are typically a method for adding density to places that are currently zoned for single-family residency. Often times they are detached small buildings located in the back yard of a single-family home, In New York City ADUs are currently not legal. Several zoning and building code regulations would have to be changed to permit this form of increasing density on single-family lots. However these policies exist in other cities such Seattle or Vancouver. A growing number of “illegal” additional dwellings in New York’s single-family neighborhoods suggest that New York City too should adopt such a policy.

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