Transparency of Street Store

Transparency of Street Store4
 Typology evolution of traditional office and shop in Tainan
3rd-year core studio design
ADVISOR: Yu-lin Chen
LOCATION: Xmén Rd, Zhongxi District, Tainan, Taiwan
PROGRAM: Office, Commerce
WITH: Personal

In subtropical Taiwan, sunlight is always an enemy to interior thermal condition, which force subtropic architects to use wall and shell to prevent it; on the other hand, people will live in this dark environment, dreaming eliminate such solid wall. This proposal provides a new concept to resolve this dilemma, using white glasses facade and “thermal cushion space” to split heat outside and keep the visible light in interior space. This new typology will make sunlight penetrate into interior smoothly without heat. In addition, the design slices volume into three pieces and arrange them to form a vertical garden passage which renders outer light penetrate into inner social space.

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